Teres Scratch & Dent Sale


A variety of clamps are available. We have a few of the original stainless steel and Delrin clamps and the better sounding hardwood clamps. The available hardwood clamps are Maple and Baltic Birch. These clamps were designed for Teres turntables but they are compatible with any turntable that has a 0.25 x 20 threaded spindle including all VPI models.
Click here for Delrin clamp information
Click here for hardwood clamp information

Price: $70 Delrin
Price: $125 hardwood

We have some leftover assembled battery options. These include a charger circuit for a SLA (sealed lead acid battery) and a relay to disconnect the charger circuit. Works with batteries from 4 to 18 AH. These are ideal for adding battery power for pre-amps and DACs.

Price: $20