Hardwood Reflex Clamp

At Teres we have found that dense hardwoods to be superior to every other material we have experimented with for turntable construction. Consistent with our previous experience, using hardwood in the construction of our reflex clamp offers a clearly audible sonic improvement. This clamp offers the same sort of musical texture and richness that is heard with hardwood bases and platters.

The Teres Hardwood clamp is precision machined from stainless steel and laminated hardwoods. The wood skirt has a number of laminations for dimensional stability. A brass sleeve inserted into the skirt interfaces with the stainless steel knob for smooth operation.

The reflex action of the Teres clamp holds the record firmly in contact with the platter surface and will flatten mild record warp. The clamp comes with a small rubber o-ring that fits over the centering spindle and holds the center of the record slightly above the platter surface. Since the clamp only contacts the record at the clamp's periphery the cupping force exerted by the clamp applies downward force toward the outside edges of the record.

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