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  • Teres Model 145 (Signature Motor): Steve Clarke - The Analog Dept.
    ...Throughout the 3-week long review period I could discern no sonic trade-offs or any other negative artifacts. Below are some of my general impressions of the new rim drive versus the Signature-2 controlled, battery operated drive.
    • pitch steady, always
    • stronger rhythmic drive
    • Percussive sounds are more sudden and with greater impact
    • Sharper more energetic dynamic swings
    • Details, inner details are at least as good as with DC but sometimes seem better.
    • Full orchestra works are more involving
    • Small Jazz combo music seems to sound similar whether DC or Verus
    • Rock and heavy metal likes the Verus better for its weightier drive, sharper dynamic and more visceral presentation
    • Any music with a strong weighty rhythmic element, or tempo favors the Verus....obviously.

    ...To A-B compare this track against the DC/belt Teres doesn't seem fair. The difference between the two separate performances of the same piece is apparent. Via DC/belt, everything just seems lighter and less intense, less involving, less immersive.
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  • VPI Scout (VPI Motor): By Jonathahaul, Vinyl Asylum (13-Sep-2008)
    The Teres Verus arrived a couple of days ago. It has changed the sound of the Scout dramatically, though it took me a few hours to realize what was actually going on - it's unlike any other upgrade I had put my system through so far.

    Playing music I'm familiar with, the first thing I have noticed is that instruments and vocals are now precisely located within the sound stage - playing percussive music is a real treat. The bass has solidified and there is an increased sense of clarity and silence between the notes.

    Rythmic music has become much more involving to the extent that I'm rediscovering music I am familiar with.
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  • VPI Scoutmaster (VPI Rim Drive): By Johnc, Audiogon (13-Jan-2009)
    ...In spite of the awkward setup, we instantly both felt the bass was cleaner on the Verus. This was obvious no matter what genre of music we played through the system. But it was not only the bass that improved, also the top end keyboards were cleaner, as were guitar notes, allowing you to clearly hear what technique the musician was using. Al DiMeolas percussive picking really stood out in a way I never heard before on Egyptian Danza! On the Nick Drake Cello Song, the bongos were real. You could hear everything Nick was doing on guitar, and the cello came through with no sense of overhang.

    In contrast, the VPI rim was slightly darker & not quite as focused. Later on I played Metrolopolis by Dream Theater. A piece of music I know particularly well. The kick drums seemed more powerful while the guitar riffs were clearer. Similarly, with Vics records the rich texture on the bass of Sade was restored. There is a lot of background detail relating to percussive elements & hi-hats that were just audible with the VPI, but with the Verus, they came right to the front. The bass on Massive Attacks SLY, which was bloated before and Vic attributed to the speakers, suddenly had a percussive start to it, a textured middle & distinctive end! These were not subtle differences either, but like night & day.
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  • Nottingham Hyperspace: By Dave Billinge, Vinyl Asylum (28-Sep-2008)
    About a month ago I added the last item, the Teres Verus motor. This has proved to be more than the icing on the cake, it has changed the recipe of the cake itself, and wholly for the better...

    ...Most extraordinary has been the recent change from the NA belt drive motor to the Teres Verus rim-drive. It was hard to accept the amount to which this lowered an already low noise-floor. Make no mistake, this motor has turned my NA Hyperspace into something altogether better in terms of clarity of treble, dry and controlled bass and an opening up of the soundstage so that at last I have stereo beyond the speakers.
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  • RMAF - Teres 260, VPI Scout: By Roger Gordon, Vinyl Asylum (16-Oct-2007)
    I was at RMAF and heard the comparisons. There were two tables used for comparing: a Teres Model 260 and a VPI Scout with standard VPI motor. The comparisons were done A-B-A-B between the belt and the rim drive on the same turntable...

    ...I discussed what I heard with several other demo listeners. We all agreed that the difference was large. Within the first two seconds of hearing the rim drive we knew that the rim drive was significantly better. The sound with the rim was smoother, more refined, had greater dynamics, sharper initial transients, and the music just sounded more real.
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  • Teres 320 (Reference Motor): By Andy Nehan, Private E-Mail
    I received one of the early Versus motors and was much impressed... Surprisingly the differences are large. Chris had warned me of this but you know what its like when someone else says, hey it a real big difference, its easy to say, well how big is big? I got a few people round at different times to assist in the comparison. I think it is too easy to talk oneself into either understating or overstating differences. So here are the considered opinions.

    The Verus sounds:

    • so much more convincing, it is as if the Reference motor was somehow a trifle embarrassed at having to play the music
    • much more in your face and generally, up for it, whereas the Reference motor is more restrained and, light, in its presentation. The system really pulls you into the music in a compelling way
    • has a significantly better tone. I think that a really good tone is so difficult to achieve. it is the one thing that really differentiates a first class turntable from an, also ran
    • wonderful clarity with lots of detail without that ghastly etched sound
    • transients better defined in such a way as to give a wholeness to the presentation
    • lower noise floor and lower grunge generally which enables the clarity of tone and the transient detail to stand out which it does not with the old motor

  • Teres DIY (Signature Motor): By Kurt Strain, Vinyl Asylum (22-Dec-2007)
    ...I feel justified in writing this review after one listening session because the differences were so obvious to me. And it was not in a way I expected at all. Normally I expect the usual audiophile adjectives to pop up when I hear an upgrade on something like this. Not quite this time. It does things better in a different way. People say you can't hardly describe the difference, but I think I can. And the longer I sit around trying to remember the differences that took place, the more I think I will start to forget them. And since it's so doubtful that this piece of gear requires a break-in period I'm going to go ahead and just write about it now.

    Here's a list of the things that changes when you use this motor compared to a pretty good belt drive: the bass lines clear up with much less muddiness, the midrange clears up as well, the noise floor of the recording sounds like it goes down, the frequency balance tends to tilt up, the excess warmth of vinyl dimishes, the pace and drive of the music flows with greater ease, a greater degree of immediacy occurs, a more forward projection of the soundstage appears, and a more lifelike overall sound is heard in general.
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  • Teres 255 (Signature Motor): By Bill C. (Cappy), Vinyl Asylum (25-Jul-2007)
    From my tasting notes:
    * clearer sounding
    * slightly better resolution
    * slightly better depth
    * better separation of instruments
    * more realistic tone, wider palette of tonal colors
    * sounds more solid, can’t detect micro speed variations.

    I have messed around a lot with the Sig II motor and various belts over the years and feel like I have a pretty good grip on a mild upper midrange/lower treble coloration that I can hear, that I concluded was caused by the belt drive. This shows up in the upper range of violins, for example. Well, I am happy to report that this minor glare is now gone.
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