Reviews & Customer Comments

Here we provide a sampling of unsolicited reviews and comments from Teres customers. Most of these comments are from public audio discussion forums. Naturally we selected the comments that we liked best. However, only a small fraction of the comments are listed here. We invite you to search Vinyl Asylum and Audiogon Forum to get the full story.

Of course no review is as good as an audition. If you have an opportunity to be in the Denver, CO area I would be pleased to have you stop in for a visit and to enjoy some tunes. I only ask that you contact me first for an appointment. -- Chris

Verus Motor

Legacy Product Reviews

  • Turntables - Reviews and comments about various leagcy Teres turntable models. Including models 340, 265, 255, 245, 150 and 135.
  • Upgrades - Platter shoot-out comments. Comments from customers about base and platter upgrades. A great way to better understand the sonic differences between the various Teres models.
  • Teres Belt Drive Motors - Comments about Teres motors used on Verdier, VPI and Thorens turntables. Comments about the Signature Motor upgrade.

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