Teres Illius Tri-Pivot Tonearm

The Teres Illius tonearm combines a unique bearing design and careful selection of materials to create a true world class tonearm. The unusual bearing design reduces vibration and chatter to unprecedted low levels. The result is superb clarity that has an easy, effortless quality. The hardwood armwand coupled with selective use of brass and carbon fiber brings natural lushness and beauty to the presentation that keeps you coming back for more.

The Illius Tri-pivot bearing design provides superb stability in all axis with extraordinarily low friction. Sapphire jewels are used in both vertical and horizontal axis. The bearings are stabilized and pre-loaded via rare earth magnets to eliminate chatter. The horizontal bearing uses a high precision oil film to provide superb lateral stability without metal contact preserving the vanishingly low friction of the sapphire jewel.

A key part of Illius design is material selection. With the Illius we start with a armwand made from seasoned cocobolo. We have found that these dense hardwoods provide a lively, natural sound that cannot be matched with aluminum or carbon fiber. We couple the hardwood armwand a combination of brass, stainless steel and carbon fiber for a finely detailed and smooth presentation.

Price: $4850
The standard finish for the Illius tonearm is black nickel (pictured). A satin nickel finish is available as an option.

Currently the Illius tonearm is only available for use with the Teres VTA adapter. This requires a cantilever-ed, articulated armboard. The Teres VTA adapter may be used with all Teres, Redpoint, Galiber, TW Acoustic and Verdier turntables. Other turntables may be accommodated. Please contact us for details.

The Illius tonearm provides simple and precise adjustability of all common tonearm parameters plus a few unique adjustments for those motivated to squeeze out maximum performance.
  • VTA - Adjustment is handled by our unique VTA adapter. Our VTA adapter provides rigid, non-resonant mounting and repeatable, on-the-fly fine adjustment with a resolution of less than 0.001".
  • Azimuth - Fully adjustable with pricise control. Adjustment is accomplished by rotating one of the vertical pivots with an allen key.
  • Tracking Force - A fine tracking force adjustment allows for repeatable fine adjustment of tracking force (less than 0.001 gram resolution).
  • Antiskate - Adjustable, progressive antiskate is provided.
  • Damping - Damping of vertical and horizontal axis may be tuned independently. Damping is controlled via the amount and viscosity of silicone fluid used in the bearing. We find that ideal damping is vastly different for each axis.
  • Vertical Center of Gravity - The vertical pivot point may be adjusted to precisely align center of gravity for a specific cartridge (optional).

  • Length 10"
  • Effective mass - Medium (~14 grams)
  • Horizontal bearing - Single sapphire jewel, magnetically loaded, silicone film stabilized and damped
  • Vertical Bearing - Dual sapphire jewels, magnetically loaded, silicone damped
  • Wiring - Solid core silver, single run from clips to RCA's, silver cartridge clips, WBT Nexgen silver RCA's (XLR plugs optional)
  • Vertical pivot is closely aligned with stylus
  • Center of gravity aligned with vertical pivot (adjustable)

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